In the city center of Montevarchi, there is a beautiful medieval castle that served as a watchtower and the conjunction of the particular city walls.This building, now beautifully restored and converted into a museum, contains some of the most important names of Italian sculpture between 800 and 900, serving as artistic means between ancient and modern history.Inspired by this national treasure, the Brothers Bonci offer a rich sweet preciousness.
A treat made of dried and candied fruits, scented with Tuscan spices and fresh butter, bathed in an aromatic liqueur made with sweet wines.


Wheat flour, sugar, butter, raisins sultanas, pasteurized eggs, candied orange peel and melon, nuts, figs, spices, salt and almonds.

Raising agent: E 450 (i), E500 (ii) external Wetting: alcoholic preparation of Panbriacone 15% vol.